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  1. both of the above list have been helpful for getting a new card thanks
  2. No that’s fair enough, I get good points out of my dual Xeon so with the massive core counts just took my interest, quite cheap so might get one. anyone used rx470 according to pass mark that is the best bang for buck card
  3. Anyone thought of using the Xeon phi coprocessor for folding?
  4. LTT points shift was an influx of active users
  5. anyone else get a massive unexplainable points boost? It also affected everyone I think, it is an issue with the FAH server end?
  6. I got this working just not fond of the interface very much hence asking about other programs other than the FAH stock one
  7. Multi system management software, like in the previous post there are other management softwares than the default management software by FAH, anyone one have any recommendations?
  8. Yes and its younger brother SRX, Note the SRX is the one not in a case, just resting on top of an anti static bag . Both are going to end up in custom 3 or 4U server cases, full height PCI and space for hardline watercooling. Plan is to have a 1 or 2 U case at the top of the rack with rads in it.
  9. next is the screen arms go on the side of the cabinet (moving away from having a "desk")
  10. If the layout is the same then you might still need some baffles to direct air. the main font 200mm fan and graphics card fight each other, on mine this lead to 5-10+ c higher internal temps
  11. moved in start of march have not stopped working and still not unpacked properly
  12. V1 not V21 so not sure. the air flow can be a be a bit tricky. might need to put some baffles in depending on what graphics card you are putting in