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  1. I am looking for a device that: 1- have windows 2-have hardware for a performance start from office and content consumption up to photoshop usage 3-has a battery 4-does not have a screen nor keyboard 5-have a port to plug to external portable monitor 6-very portable LIKE a tablet 7-does not have a trackpad 8-can have a fan the idea to buy a tablet that work with android or ipados and use it as a monitor when I want to use windows I know what I am looking for is kind off crazy but I am seriously considering it.
  2. Hey everyone I am looking for a laptop, but I want without a screen, has a laptop (i3 or i5 or i7 or i9 or Ryzen 7) processor, battery and look like mini computer like the zotac zbox. Any names?
  3. Hi everyone I was wondering if there are any drivers for galaxy s8 if I want to install linux distribution (64-bit and desktop version) on the device? or any phone you know? Also, how to reply thank you on your comments?
  4. what you guys think about these questions one of my friends asked me: Can windows, linux, chrome os, or android be installed on any ipad device? Can I install windows, linux, or chrome os on a tablet that has android installed? Can I virtualize any of these systems mentioned above on any tablet or ipad? ALL THIS WITHOUT USING ANY DEVICE AS A REMOTE ACCESS