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  1. Thanks, I've not tried f11 or f12 I'll give that a go. And the 2 keyboards I tried were a corsair strafe rgb and a very basic Microsoft keyboard, neither seem to work but I know do work normally
  2. Yeah, I've tried everything I can think of and i can't find anything online apart from restarting to the bios from Windows, but i cant do that because I don't have Windows installed yet
  3. Please halp, I've just built my first system by myself and all has gone OK up until now. I've plugged it in to turn on for the first time and my monitor shows the Asus logo as I'm using an Asus prime x570-p with a ryzen 3600, ans it says to press delete or F2 to enter the bios however nothing happens when i do. I've tried tapping it continuously as soon as I turn the pc on, I've tried slow, fast, nothing at all, different keyboard, different USB ports, but no luck If anyone knows what the issue is or how to fix it this would be a huge help! Thankyou in advance