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  1. What it is, is a separate volume on the drive and it boots into the installer
  2. Lets set the Scenario, you install linux, and you want to go back to windows, but there is no way "you think" Well there is a way Lets get started Step 1 Open up the "Disks" program Step 2 Shrink your ubuntu volume Step 3 Make a 8 GB volume Step 4 Install the Windows 10 iso Step 4 After the windows 10 iso installs, extract it to the volume, and restart your pc Step 5 Once the Windows setup starts Use the Unpartioned space and install Thats it
  3. Well I was saying that he/she could use WR with the usb
  4. Well You could try to play the Video from the Phone folder on your desktop - Play with phone pluged in to pc
  5. Ah i see I need to read better
  6. if you do you can use it using the Recovery options by not going to setup but go to "Repair this pc" option - from this point you are in the recovery mode go to advanced options and press Restore point
  7. I dont know what to tell you, but a cell might have died on usb
  8. I used the snipping tool from windows