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  1. I plugged in a different controller and the issue does not occur, so it seems like it's not a software issue and I just need a new controller. Is there a physical fix anyone knows of?
  2. The refresh rate? Please elaborate.
  3. I use DS4 Windows for my games, and the issue still occurs.
  4. Hello! Recently I've been having an issue with my DS4 controller where it flicks up sporadically, but not consistently. Video of the controller input if that helps is attached. I'm not running any kind of other software to see this occurring. I have a Dell G5 5590 laptop running 64-bit Windows Pro with GTX 1660ti, 16GB DDR4, Intel i7-9750H, 250GB SSD, and 1TB HDD. BIOS version 1.12.0, no error messages of any sort. Thanks for the help! (Also first post here, please forgive any mistakes.) 2020-04-06 14-04-36.mkv