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  1. Not too sure, but it's a lenovo laptop, Lenovo Legion Y520
  2. Soo, is there any fix for it?
  3. I would've gotten a PC but I need my laptop for school and university because I can actually carry it, altough it's heavy as fuck.
  4. So I have a laptop, a Lenovo Legion Y520 with a GTX1050 graphics card but I'm unable to change the fan speed whilist using the app, is it because it's a laptop?
  5. I have a gigabyte motherboard and I don't really have that many options inside compared to an Asus motherboard.
  6. What's XMP and how do I enable that?
  7. I do have a free slot because when I select slot 2 its empty, and in task manager it's slot 1 of 2. Also, what's XMP and how do I enable it?
  8. Ok so basically I am very confused, I want to buy some extra ram for my laptop, and currently I have 8GB installed. As far as I am concerned I need that the new ram to be the same freq as the old one, so I decided to check both task manager and Cpu-Z, and I got different results, can someone help me?