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    Lfc reacted to Fasauceome in Tiny new PC case!   
    cheapest cases for sweden PCPP:
    Are these prices relevant to you? If so, your choice is clear. One case is in your budget and it's fairly crappy.
    What is your current problem with the Core 1000? It's very small, you can't really go smaller unless you get a mini ITX case, which is not possible for you without a new motherboard.
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    Lfc reacted to Juular in [psucultists] PSU Tier List   
    1. Tier A- isn't about multi\single-rail, it's about units that have problems.
    2. What's so confusing with "Recommended for <=650w high end systems" ? You have 650W system ? It's fine, go for tier A. You have 750W system ? I.e not any gaming PC - it's recommended to go for tier A+ due to these PSUs being multirail. Or rather it's not about a PC but rather about PSU. If you don't need high-wattage PSU and with gaming PC you don't need more than 650W in all cases, then don't get high-wattage PSU. If you do - get multi-rail one if you can. It doesn't matter if 1.3kW single-rail PSU is made by Seasonic or not, it's still single-rail and it can still pump 2-3x more energy than 550\650W PSU into a failed piece of hardware in a split second before OCP\OPP kicks in. Again, it's not requirement, it's a recommendation.
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    Lfc reacted to Falkentyne in [psucultists] PSU Tier List   
    I think the Tier A- labeling needs a renaming.  It's misleading to new users who get linked here to see a Seasonic Prime PX-1000 Platinum or Prime TX-1000 Titanium or their 1200W model only recommended for 650W or lower systems.  That really confuses people.  
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    Lfc reacted to GoldenLag in Which psu do i need?   
    well its not best design, not from CWT or corsair. 
    also it would be the word from the manufacturer CWT. with some possible tweaks. 
    what 500w model. because that is what it actually boils down to. 
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    Lfc reacted to jonnyGURU in Is the Huntkey Gs550 Psu any good ?   
    Actually worse:  https://www.computerbase.de/2014-10/fsp-hexa-plus-500-watt-im-test/5/
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    Lfc reacted to jonnyGURU in Is the Huntkey Gs550 Psu any good ?   
    Where are you located?
    Can you link to the store you would likely use?
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    Lfc reacted to Fasauceome in My pc is in slow motion   
    There's not really an easy way to check. Like I said, startup repair is your best bet. I believe one of the quickest ways to do it is to interrupt booting 3 times in a row, when the window logo appears on screen hold the power button.
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    Lfc reacted to Heikkimr in My pc is in slow motion   
    Ok, thanks!
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    Lfc reacted to Mateyyy in Ryzen 7 2700X Stock Wraith Cooler   
    70C is perfectly normal, and to be expected with the stock cooler. You should start getting worried when you get to 85C+.
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    Lfc reacted to tank234 in Memory won't ft under my Corsair H100i Fans   
    you have to get low profile ram to make it fit under there 
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    Lfc reacted to COOKIE1799 in Memory won't ft under my Corsair H100i Fans   
    Hello all,

    I'm new to this site but have an issue that I'm hoping someone can see a solution to. Basically, I've got my build all together and in the case but the issue I have is that the clearance between the memory slots and the fans from my Corsair H100i Platinum cooler is too small.
    Basically my ram is too tall to fit in. The ram I'm using is Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro DDR4 so it is pretty big ram but it qould have to be very 'short' ram to fit under the fans.


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    Lfc reacted to Fasauceome in Is this possible?   
    You're basically looking at that scenario no matter what, in my opinion you should just refer to the power supply tier list and get something good, that way you'll have a better chance of a successful system.
    You need a power supply either way, not like you can avoid the inevitable.
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    Lfc reacted to Slottr in Is this possible?   
    You're glossing over the fact that: Shit happens.
    Things can go wrong, and sometimes you get a defective part
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    Lfc reacted to Fasauceome in Is this possible?   
    Unfortunately, it's most often the case that the warranty does not cover other components. Same thing with most water coolers, if they leak. 
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    Lfc reacted to Fasauceome in Is this possible?   
    Two important factors:
    1) 80+ efficiency is not really going to tell you if a power supply is good enough or not.
    2) The design is 80+ gold efficient, but the quality control testing for every single unit only can do so much.
    Defective products are always possible.
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    Lfc reacted to Fasauceome in Is this possible?   
    The way that PSUs are designed will prevent parts from being "overpowered" by it. If a drive was fried by a PSU, that PSU was defective.
    Ignore all reviews on amazon/Newegg/etc.
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    Lfc reacted to Slottr in Is this possible?   
    It's never not possible
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    Lfc got a reaction from Premilix in Which RX 5700 XT?   
    Sapphire Pulse mate!
    Not the best Radeon RX5700XT but better the ones you compare
    If you would ask me the best Radeon RX5700XT are Sapphire Nitro+ & Power Color Red Devil
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    Lfc reacted to Spotty in How find the year of make of a PSU?   
    Ah, yeah sorry there is the CX750 in the new model as well. PCPP is correct. Not sure why the Corsair website for the CX doesn't point towards the new grey label CX. Maybe the drop down box should have two listings for 750W, one for the old model and one for the new model? Perhaps @Corsair Nick can pass it along to the website team to look in to it.
    It's model number CP-9020123 according to the 80+ Certification report.
    You can use that model number to go directly to the page for the CX750 (new one) but if you choose any other wattage from the drop down box and try getting back to the 750W model it takes you to the old one.
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    Lfc reacted to Spotty in How find the year of make of a PSU?   
    Just to clarify, there's nothing special about units made in 2017. It's not a fine wine with a good vintage.
    The PSU Tier List is referring to the new model of CX that was introduce in 2017. Calling it "CX (2017)" isn't technically correct. It's just the newer version of the CX.
    What you're looking for are units with the grey label. Part numbers are CP-9020120, CP-9020121, CP-9020122. They're available in wattages of 450W, 550W, and 650W.

    There was an older version of the CX which had a green label that was available in wattages of 430W, 500W, 600W, and 750W. This version has been discontinued for years. It's unlikely stores will still be selling them.

    The CX page on the Corsair website shows both the old and the new one. Just change the wattage in the drop down box and you can see the various models and you can see that they look distinctively different so it should be easy to spot which is which just by looking at the box.
    If it's CX450, CX550, or CX650 it's the new one.
    If it's CX430, CX500, CX600, or CX750 it's the old one.
    Edit: There's also a new "Grey Label" aka "2017" model in 750W. CP-9020123. https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Power-Supply-Units/cx-series-config/p/CP-9020123-NA
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    Lfc reacted to jonnyGURU in Psu   
    The CX is SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER than the CV.  Only the efficiency is the same.
    The CV is an older double forward topology with group regulation.  It's essentially the VS platform with some upgrades to hit Bronze efficiency.
    The CX is LLC with DC to DC for the +3.3V and +5V.
    Also, the CV has a sleeve bearing fan.  The CX has a rifle bearing fan.
    EDIT:  CV650 is the exception.  It's still double forward, but it has DC to DC for the +3.3V and +5V.
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    Lfc reacted to jonnyGURU in Psu making clicky noise PLEASE HELP   
    Bad fan.
    RMA the PSU.
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    Lfc reacted to TheHitmanPK in Help, Asus x570 Motherboard, Q-code 02 & VGA light   
    No problem. I tried 3 different gfx cards and had the same issue. My guess is it was actually booting everytime. Glad it worked! 
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    Lfc reacted to theFalenNemesis in Help, Asus x570 Motherboard, Q-code 02 & VGA light   
    I would like to add to this: 
    I had the same post issue with the Asus TUF x570 using a Ryzen 5 3600 and a Zotac gtx 1060 gpu. 
    After some research, I found that the onboard video doesn’t work because Ryzen only has integrated graphics in their G models. 
    I resolved my issue by using a 750ti gpu I had in hand to post, installed all necessary drivers for the board, then rebooted with the 1060. 
    everything has been working fine since. Hope this helps others. 
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    Lfc reacted to TheHitmanPK in Help, Asus x570 Motherboard, Q-code 02 & VGA light   
    This sounds stupid but I had the same issue weeks ago on my ASUS X570 Prime Pro and my 3700x.  I troubleshooted just like you did only to find out it was my monitor. After so long it just needs to be unplugged from power. Didn't think a monitor would prevent post but here we are. Try a different monitor and see if you can boot first. I was getting the same error codes as well.