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  1. Hey guys. If everything goes according to plan, from September I will Study IT Engineering in university. One thing, that I will have to learn is OOP with C++ there, and I would like to catch up with it until then. Just to be clear, I don't wanna become a professional programmer until then, just want to know the basics in Visual C++. I'm not a too experienced programmer, the only programming language that I'm kinda experienced in is Freepascal. I want to find some good books, or preferably sites, where I can learn the basics of Visual C++. Can anyone recommend me some, with explanations from scratch, and training tasks?
  2. Could you please give me an example, or like an article for this? Even if it's possible, it might be harder than what is needed on the exam.
  3. Hey guys. I have a question. Is it possible in Freepascal, assign a variable as a filename? For example Var a:string; f:text; Begin assign(f,a); reset(f); I just had my high-school exam from advanced IT, and usually when the filename has to be a variable, they state that in the task, that if it's not possible use any name. This wasn't there this year. And to my knowledge, there's no way to use a variable as filename.
  4. I figured out. for i:=1 to n do val(sdatum, datum); {sdatum is the string form of it and datum is another array but of integer} Thank you for your help!
  5. And i should use val() for that right? How exactly should i do that?
  6. Sooo, for first i should read it as i did before, with string[13], and after that, take the string apart? You look like you know what youre talking about, but I dont reall get it.
  7. Hi guys! Last time, when i had a problem with programming I got quick and good answers here, so i thought I would share one of my other problems here. So, I have a task, which for the upper level IT High School exam. I have to read data from a txt file, into arrays. program eutazas; uses crt; var i,j,n:integer; megall:array[1..2000] of integer; datum:array[1..2000] of longint; kotojel:char; ido:array[1..2000] of string[4]; azon:array[1..2000] of longint; tipus:array[1..2000] of string[3]; lejarat:array[1..2000] of longint; szkoz:char;{szokozok beolvasasa} f:text; procedure beolvasas; var i:integer; begin assign(f,'utasadat.txt'); reset(f); for i:=1 to 2000 do readln(f,megall[i],szkoz,datum[i],kotojel,ido[i],szkoz,azon[i],szkoz,tipus[i],szkoz,lejarat[i]); close(f); {szamlalas} j:=1; repeat if azon[j]<>0 then inc(n); inc(j); until azon[j]=0; end;{beolvasas} This is(a part of) my code. 0 20190326-0700 4170861 NYB 20190404 And this is one line from the database txt file. I try to read every part of the line into different arrays. For the date and time(20190326-0700) first i used a string[13] array, but in a later task i had to use only the date part of it, so i had to make it a longint of array, with seperating the date and time. I used longint for the date part of it, a char for the '-' mark, and a string[4] for the time. But after that, it compiles, but when I try to run it I get Runtime Error 106(non-numeric value is read from a text file, and a numeric value was expected). Maybe the way i try to read it parts is messed up already. If thats the case, can anyone recommend me another way, to make it posibble. I have to use arrays, and it would be too much hassle to make new types, because the time for the exam is kinda short. Thank for any help in advance! Ps.: Oh, and sorry for the strange array names. They make sense in my language.
  8. According to my friends mom, it used to update windows sometimes.
  9. And just some update: another friend came, and he was digging in partition settings, to convert it to gpt from mbr. He didn't succeedded, and in the moment we cant boot it.
  10. I wasnt able to check. I only saw this machine with the 64 already installed. But hte fact, they were able to install a lot of things, indicates that it was 32.
  11. But it already had 32 bit installed on it from the facrtory. That's what bugs me.
  12. The drive is in GPT mode. I already tried every single setting in rufus. Mbr with CSM, gpt, mbr uefi and bios.
  13. There's no legacy mode, however there is an option to disable secureboot. Ive alreaddy tried with it enabled and disabled every time. Same with fastboot. Enabled/disabled doesnt make a difference
  14. I was only able to get the error code with the installer that had both windows on it. Im gonna have to make the pendrive again, but ok, im gonna do it. Its already not about making the computer work. Its about my ego, that I cant fix it.
  15. Sorry, i realised that it has an M.2 slot.(really short tho) But still, they arent ina financial situation to buy and extra SSD for it.