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  1. alright I guess I'll have to back up everything lol thanks for the help!
  2. So even if I have steam installed on a different drive than the one with Windows, the programs won't work ? It'll take an eternity to back up my games...
  3. Do you think reinstalling Windows on C without wiping D drive will cause conflict?
  4. Hey guys, How's it going? I'm going AMD in a few days. That means new motherboard, new processor, new everything except my ssd and hdd. (I'm giving my current build to my little brother as a birthday present) When I got my current build, I installed a lot of programs (like steam, origin, uplay, amazon games, minecraft, riot games) on D drive (1Tb HDD) instead of C (500Gb SSD) thinking that I would be able to do clean installs of windows on C drive without having to download all my programs again. However, now that I think about it I'm not sure that my programs are going to work right off the bat. Do you think that steam and other apps will launch without any compability problems? Or should I backup everything on an external drive using steam's backup and restore feature ?