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Everything posted by RussiansRule

  1. Banned for thinking that everyone should and would be part of the "Geeks"
  2. Banned for role-playing the Nerd
  3. Banned for showing mercy to enemies
  4. Banned for having YT in your username
  5. Granted, but only your unit fails with no refund I wish that we get another Wii Sports game
  6. granted but it turns out to be that your phone died right AT&T building after getting 1 call I wish the Germans never made the first jet plane
  7. Banned for not making the realization that I could control yours to
  8. Granted, but you choose do the wrong I wish new Berserk anime episodes would come out
  9. Banned for thinking about a dirty mind
  10. Granted, but now you forget stuff more than average I wish my Refresh rate was better
  11. Granted, but your only dead weight for your team I wish cringe didn't exist
  12. Granted but now you want to be alone Granted but, but your bank became 0s and now you cant deal with "financial crap" I wish for good games with good luck
  13. Banned for remember older bans
  14. Granted but the hard drives are burn down after getting 1/10 full I wish for home chores would do themselves
  15. granted, but you found out it was a sickness with no cure I wish Kerbal Space Program 2 didn't get delayed
  16. banned for not realizing that it happened at the same time
  17. Banned for not thinking that I had limited options
  18. banned for thinking of this ban
  19. Granted but it crashes every time you exit the home screen (by exit I mean open a chrome tab, steam or anything in general) I wish, you luck
  20. Nah man if its all cool if you wanna play with me
  21. BB-1 was a soviet attack aircraft in the late 30s armed with 7.62 machine guns, and I play a game that is "historically accurate" but you see these aren't power full enough for me that's why I want 12.7 machine guns. I wish all games were free