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  1. im just try to off the vsync in NFS Payback.. it was increse the FPS... but to much drop some time until 35fps... and make game come glitch
  2. I dont do any capped... other imformation.. i'm just play offline. Since i buld this sytem with GTX950.. im just plug n play, just auto setting high or ultra... no costume setting. So... should I disable or enable the vsync/freesync?
  3. Hello guys... I'm new here.. so I need some help about my system... first of all... I'm sorry for my bad english... hope somebody can understand.. i have a problem with my FPS here... i don't know where the problem was start. Here is my rig imformation CPU: Intel i5 6400 Motherboard: Asus B150 pro gaming RAM: Kingston hyperX 24gb GPU: Asus Strix GTX1080Ti 11gb PSU: Hu Meng 1650w 90+Gold 240gb SSD for OS W10 1T HDD for storage AOC e27" LED..(non 4K) Before, I was run this system with Asus GTX950 and with Corsair 550w PSU. All game i have play just reach 60/61fps max. (Metro exodus, NFS Payback, Battlefield 1 and much more 2015-2019 game. Some game use max high setting and some ultra. So... i just change the GPU to 1080 Ti.. but sadly.. the FPS still same.. then i think the PSU is not enough power.. so change to 1650w PSU... and its still same.. max 60/61fps. So guys... will somebody help me find out what the actually problems here... for my knowladge level.. I stuck.. cant thinking anymore... what i think now... should be I upgrade the motherboard and CPU.... or... is that my GPU problem itself?? Thanks all.