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  1. Hello guys, last year i brought a Lenovo workstation for my job related work. It has two ( 2x ) Xeon E5-2690 V3 , 64GB ram , 4x 250GB samsung 860 evo ssd , 2tb hdd and 2x gtx 1080 (not in sli , my mother board doesn't support sli ). I am using it mainly for my work ( Data Science related ) and sometimes for gaming as well. But the problem is that , most of the time I don't utilize the full power and my pc just sits idel doing nothing except when I am working and even in work I don't use much of the power . So i was searching for a solution or a way to use or share the pc with some other friends like virtually so that they can play games as well as do works. And i also want to separate my work OS from gaming OS. i have tried unraid , vmware , esxi etc but the performance is not like when I am using the pc directly . It lags , slopy and a bit slow. Is there any way to make this or build something that can perform like real pc , response fast and not slopy but in virtual environment over LAN ? I have a gigabit optic fiber internet at home so internet speed is not an issue . Thank you