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  1. If you truly are on a budget, sites like eBay can be a good place to find low price used cases. Cardboard is a very flammable material (as previously stated), and lumber is not always an option. Some individuals have luck with open air builds however this can be problematic for systems intended for gaming or performing tasks greater than internet browsing.
  2. All very solid picks for your given budget, you should have no major issues with any of the software you intend to use in the mid term. As others have already said, there are a few things that could be upgraded before too much longer but being you need your system by September I think you made some good picks.
  3. Oh I wasn't aware they aren't allowed. I merely wanted community input since I didn't really know of many components in this price range.
  4. This isn't something I would normally suggest, request, or even mention on a tech forum. However, I figured coming here would be my best bet. If you have anything to suggest, I am currently compiling the best components (minus a case), that cannot break a budget of $250 (excessively). Feel free to join in!