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  1. My current system I'm rolling with now was around 1000+ back in 2015 lol, and I wouldnt be disillusioned that this next build wouldnt be the same. So yeah I'm prepared to drop another 1000 plus
  2. Awesome thank you so much for your help! I'll keep this all in mind and when I can get building this is going to be a great help!
  3. Hello There, Firstly, Hi I'm First Strike, I'm new to Linus Tech Tips (found on YouTube) I had a friend basically build my system for me (i didnt know what to screenshot spec wise and i didnt want to spam my first post here so i'll be able to look things up and answer) and i'm finding myself unable to trouble shoot or optimize my system due to this. (this is not slaming my friend) im basically looking to find threads (and i tried to find FAQs before posting this) that are noob friendly, and people who wouldn't mind questions and helping out. I'm not completely inept and im able and very willing to learn, i just dont want to be dependent on one person anymore and just watching YouTube videos or randomly googling around with no direction. basically this is what id like my system to be able to do: 1) Vr capability 2) Storage able to handle both RAW photos and (letsplay) game footage 3) the system needs to support 2 screens (my current system supports 2 acers) 4) a graphics card that can handle both cranking games to look their best, while being able to handle recording and keeping game fidelity. (im not worried about maxing out over 100 frames, im happy with my game looking pretty but still operating with minimal tears or stuttering) 5) ability to operate without the need for virtual audio cables (how my system is currently set by my friend i live in fear to touch them lol, id like not to have to worry about it) With the world currently as it is, and with my current financial situation i wont be buying these upgrades right away but plan to in the future. my current specs are: CPU: AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor Ram: 16 GB of DDR3 (two sticks) GPU AMD Radeon R9 200 Series (sapphire if that matters) i have a SSD for my operating system as well as a terabyte hardrive for my photos, games, and video files, i still have a bunch of room left. like i said earlier if there is anything i can elaborate on further id be happy to do so, thanks for stopping to read this all the way through!