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  1. Hi everyone, my first post here in LTT forum. So I am seriously thinking of buying a gaming/working setup for personal use. My budget would be around $4500 (Canadian). So naturally I was looking at some pre-built systems and Alienware Aurora came to my attention. Now I must say I am not a very tech savvy person. I just want smooth gaming experience with high graphics turned on and great frame rate. I am also a full stack web developer. I work with graphic design softwares as well. So these will be my 2 intensive daily operations performed with the desktop setup. Now my first question is whether Alienware aurora PCs are worth it or not at the given price point? For example Alienware Aurora Gaming PC - White (Intel Core i7 9700/1TB HDD/512GB SSD/16GB RAM/GeForce RTX 2080) - this PC comes at $2599.99 (Canadian) at Best Buy. So I was wondering if this setup is actually worth the money I am paying and if it is, then how would it scale to giving me a reliable and consistent performance for my daily operations? I am also planning to buy the 27inch IPS Alienware Monitor with this PC. If however it is not worth the money I am paying for, then could someone take the time to suggest me a good build and point me towards the location I can get those from? Thanks for taking the time to read through!