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  1. I know it's not a great idea to cheap out on the power supply that's why I was making sure i got a compatible one. Thank you for your help.
  2. I was planning to build a PC with a ryzen 3 1300x and a gtx 1650s but I don't know the required amount of power will a 500w power supply suffice?
  3. Try reinstalling the latest drivers for your graphics card. If that doesn't work try booting into safe mode.
  4. What is your RAM and are all your drivers up to date?
  5. As Mr. PC said a dual channel memory would do better performance wise and i would recommend upgrading to 2×4gb sticks at 3000
  6. I would recommend using an antivirus asap.
  7. I am pretty sure you got a virus in your pc
  8. So i should go for the 1650 super. And will it be compatible?
  9. I don't believe you can. There are adapters which allows to connect your gpu through an m.2 port but a usb port is too slow i think. Maybe it will be possible in the future.
  10. First time posting here and first time going to build a pc. I am planning on buying a second hand PC with an i5 3470 on a Gigabyte H61 Motherboard with 4gb ddr3 ram. and then to slip in another 4gigs of ram, an SSD and a gtx 1650 or 1650 super. I was wondering if the motherboard will be compatible with the Graphics Card. And if it is, which card should i choose the 1650 or the 1650 super as the processor isn't really powerful and I Am not sure if the 1650 super would be worth it. Thanks.