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  1. Thank you for the recommendation! Somehow I had managed to forget that this is a time of new, exciting components so waiting will definitely be wise. I wasn't planning on buying a laptop until summer anyways, but due to quarantine I was starting to consider going early. Definitely won't be now! Gonna be holding off for some nice new components.
  2. Thank you so much for all of the recommendations! I'm going to be looking through them all. And you're right; I didn't think about the Ryzen coming out for laptops soon! I wasn't going to buy a laptop until summer anyway, so will definitely be on the lookout for Ryzen.
  3. My budget is quite flexible since I'm aware that a laptop with the specs I need is going to be quite expensive. I would prefer to stay below $2000, however I could go up to ~$2700 if the laptop is really really good, fits all of my criteria, and will last me a long time.
  4. My current laptop is 4 years old and starting to lag where it previously didn't, which is getting frustrating. Since I'm graduating from university this summer, I have decided to get myself a new laptop as a gift to myself. Here are my current laptop specs (for reference, as I don't want to downgrade): Asus ROG G501VW Display: 15.6 inches UHD (3840x2160) Processor: Intel i7-6700HQ 2.6 GHz RAM: 16 GB SSD: 120 GB HDD: 1 TB GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M This has worked well for what I use it for so far, which is programming, uni work, photo+video editing, having 20 Chrome tabs up at all times due to researching, and gaming. I mostly play League of Legends or RPGs (The Witcher 3 being one of my favourite games, although getting it to run smoothly on my current laptop required some annoying finessing with the settings), so not a lot of intense FPS games. For my new laptop, I would also like to do 3D-work (i.e. in Blender), which currently is a bit frustrating on my laptop as it has started to lag even when just using Photoshop. I have been looking around for a new laptop for a while so that I have an idea of what to get this summer, but I haven't found anything that sticks. So, I came here for help. Here are the things I want from my new gaming laptop: 15-inch screen with good resolution and colour accuracy (high refresh rate is less important to me since I don't play a lot of games which require it, most of my focus lies on accurate colours for my graphic work) I don't want it to look like a classic gaming laptop. This is my main point, because I don't want to feel embarrassed taking my laptop out at uni or if I'm seeing my thesis supervisor. Speaking of bringing my laptop to uni, I would also want it to be portable. My current laptop weighs around 2 kg, so somewhere in that area would be ideal. I need a lot of storage space due to everything I do, 1 TB at the least. It would be nice to have the option of buying a secondary harddrive to expand the memory, so if that's the case a giant base harddrive isn't as important. For my RAM, I would not like to go under 16 GB since I do do a lot of multitasking. When it comes to processor and graphics card, I am not that picky as long as it can handle multitasking and gaming. It would be nice if I could just launch a game and know that I can play it without having to spend ages in the settings. I don't need it to run at 200+ fps at the Ultra High settings, but a decent framerate at High is basically what I'm aiming for, so no need for the latest beefiest RTX model. I also need a good keyboard! Since I will be writing a lot for my thesis, plus programming pretty regularly, a good keyboard is really important to me. I understand that this is a lot, so I am willing to compromise a bit as long as the size stays at 15 inches and the laptop is sleek and portable! Unfortunately I don't have the option of getting a beefy desktop at home and then a simpler laptop just for uni. Thanks in advance everyone.