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  1. Thx for the quick reply. I have been talking to friends who attend the same course, it's university of Minho (engenharia informatica - the actual course) and they say that for the 3 years degree I can use almost anything, it just varies in the masters, and even if u don't have the right one for the masters you choose, that you can use the university servers... Actually I really don't know how that works... I am kinda new to this tech world.
  2. Hi there, so I am going to study cs next semester and I am looking for a laptop to work on... I already thought on buying a t440p and upgrading it... But i am not entirely sure about that... If it's a new laptop my budget will be max 600 euros, the size does not matter. I will be only using it to get work done... Maybe play some minecraft on the go and watch some anime but it's not the main reason. I am sorry for my bad English skills. Thx for your time, borrpvp.