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  1. Thank you , now I have changed my mind and am going to get a 1650 mini as you get around the same frames in games which is what I will be using it for and then I also don’t have to buy a new psu or anything.
  2. But I thought a gtx 1650 requires a 6 pin power connector as well because my current psu only has a 4 pin
  3. Yh ik I’m plugging the psu cable into the rx 570 which requires a 6 pin power connector.
  4. Lol sorry just meant to reply to bottom one Yeah sorry here it is https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/22031289118?iid=324048810086
  5. I need to know if I can add a 6-8 pin power connector to my 500w atx psu... pls tell me