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  1. I met with one friend from turkish forum, we have same problem. He is using 16GB Ram with dual, i dont think so.
  2. I am using single channel 8GB DDR4 3000MHz. I tried to play Rust but GPU usage was same as PUBG. I shared video on youtube about this problem, here is link: second one is GPU usage btw.
  3. I tried almost everything, i downloaded old version 19.12.1 to try but result was same.
  4. Hello, i bought new PC like 2 days ago. I'm playing game on high FPS 100-110 but i feel like 30-40 FPS. GPU usage is not stable. GPU usage sometimes %99 %30 %1 everytime changes. When i open the scope i feel like 20FPS. I have this problem on PUBG, i did not test on other games yet. GPU: MSI RX 590 ARMOR CPU: R5 1600 MOTHERBOARD: B450M S2H PSU: GIGABYTE P650B 650W