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  1. This is probs not what this is for but finally after 4 moths I got my system to boot. I had tryed everything and nothing worked, I gave up.tonight I was board and spent about 4 hours trying. Just as I was about to go to sleep I tryed something else and it worked. My system is a 2600k buld with a gigabyte ga p67A ud3r b3. That board was knowen to fail alot and to have it work again is amazing, it so so much faster then the amd fx 8350. This has hapend 2 times for me so I hope it doesn't happen again. Also don't mind the mess I was using other parts from my old buld.
  2. Hey guys, need some help here. What hapend is I had my 2x8 ram installed. I then took it out to test some other sticks, I then put my 2x8 kit back in and only 8gb is usabily and the rest is hardware reserved. I tryed moving the ram around but with no luck. I they put back in the other ram and with the same issue. Amd 8350 2x8gb ram Asrock 980 pro3 R.20
  3. Do you have any oc on the card
  4. Sounds like a pci-e slot issue. Try up dating the drivers on your GPU when plugged into the VGA