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  1. Thanks for all the answers. Like always when u ask something in a forum u get 5 different answers. I think I´ll stick with the GTX 1070 for now and play at 2k (didnt think about lowering res) and wait for the RTX 3XXX or whatever AMD comes out with. I have a long ass HDMI from my PC to my TV (15 meters) will this create some kind of lagg?
  2. I can wait for the 3xxx, does the 2080ti struggle to keep 60fps?
  3. Hi. New to the forum. Hello All. Quick questions. Just purchased a samsung 4k qled tv for gaming and to watch movies (Q90R). It was on sale, was considering OLED from LG but got the Samsung for 1100 Euros. I currently run a i7 6700k with a GTX 1070 paired with an ASUS pg278q. (2k) I know I need a new graphics card to run games on the 4k TV, but wasn´t really planning on changing the entire system. Would an RTX 2080 super be enough ot should I go for the 2080ti? Would the I7 6700k seriously bottleneck any of those graphic cards? Thanks in advance. And stay indoors.