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  1. well I obviously not gonna use nvec, and I'm not so sure about using ray tracing in 2060, but I do like to use MSAA, Tesselation, HBAO, and Physx when possible, which for all I know don't work well with Radeon, so is it worth it to buy RTX 2060?
  2. Which one should I buy? The RX 5600 XT is slightly cheaper, and have slightly better performance, but Nvidia got the tech, I watch an LTT video about RX 5600 XT and Linux said I might want to consider Buying RTX 2060 instead. So I'll buy either MSI RTX 2060 Ventus OC, or ASUS TUF 3 RX 5600 XT EVO GAMING.
  3. oh yeah, I first got the problem an hour ago while browsing steam workshop.
  4. I keep getting black screen (follows with lag), then normal again, and after a few second, the screen went black again, and normal again, and keep repeating. I noticed, sometime it doesn't effect windows components, like the taskbar, or the start menu, so when it black screen, sometime the taskbar, and start menu is still normal, albeit I can't click anything still. I also noticed the problem didn't occurs if there's no movement in the display, like no video, or when I don't scroll anything (moving my mouse doesn't seems to make the problem occurs too) . I can acess ny bios with no problem. I would appreciate anyhelp, thanks.
  5. And I don't think it's a Sata cable problem, since I've used the cable before, but the problem only occurs with this new hard drive, my previous drive-using the same cable- didn't have this problem at all, I change it because I think the drive is dying, my newly installed softwares and some of the older softwares can't run anymore, and some of my files are corrupted, but the drive never disconnected, so I don't think the problems is cause by my cable. Also, the disconnecting become more common now.
  6. well it was fine for a while, I've backup a large sum amount of file to it, I clean install windows and make it a primary drive (after the system drive that is, but the system drive only have 128GB), I've installed a game, and lots of software, but for some reason, it's happening again (twice) while I'm installing a software, well it isn't common, but that drive contain every software that I installed, so that can become problematic, I also notice when it reconnected Windows send a notification about "what to do with this removable drive", it's an internal HDD though (it's a 1TB Seagate Barracuda).
  7. It's SATA, I'm checking it further, I'll update if there's something new
  8. I just bought a new HDD, but while copying some files, or run a read test with Hard Disk Sentinel, the HDD keep disconnecting, and after a few second, it reconnected again, I don't know if the issue persist if I leave it in idle, or I just not noticed it. But I think it might be caused by my cable, because If I connect another HDD with the same cable, I can't open any file because of an error, but if I use my usual cable, it's fine. But the thing is that my new HDD also disconnected once while I copy some file even though I use the working cable, but after that, I try it again, and it didn't disconnected, if I use the new cable, it keep disconnecting. So I'm unsure of what's happening, is there something wrong with it? thanks.
  9. Ok so I bought an HDD, but the HDD keep disconnecting, and then reconnect a few second after that, that happens when I try to Read Test with Hard Disk Sentinel, and while I was copying some files, but if I don't do anything with it, it's either fine, or I don't notice it.
  10. Oh yeah, I forgot to mentioned that I have already run CHKDSK, but it doesn't tell me if there's a problem or not, and if I right click the D drive in file explorer -> tools -> error checking sometime it said that there's no error, or there's error and I have to restart to fix it, or the error checking tools have an error and can't check if the drive faulty or not. And I have already use Hard Disk Sentinel. and when I run the read test, it said that all of my HDD, and SSD sectors are good, thanks for the reply.
  11. It began with my 2 games just yesterday, both of them just close after startup, and when I reinstalled them, none works but one of them reported that the files are corrupted. Some of my software also can't run anymore, Windows send a message saying "This app can't run on your pc". I installed all of my software in D: drive, and C: drive is only for OS, and driver. But when I checked the drives in Hard Disk Sentinel, it said my HDD(D: is fine (100% health), and my SSD(C: is acceptable(37% health) (with crystaldiskinfo all the drives are in good condition), I don't know how reliable the software is. So are my drives dying? if so, which one? or can I just clean install Windows and format all the drives and everything's going to work fine? thanks.