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  1. since some time some weird things happen to my internet connection like ever 1-2 hours i get "dhcp" problems and have only restrickted access to websites, like i can still watch videos on youtube or go on my anime website but stuff like anything beside that wont, no steam no uplay no discord nothing expect google stuff works for, at first i throught it was my wifi stick, so i made an range extender/wds bridge the signal to the main router is 90% at all times no dissconnects whats so ever and i know for an fact that the main router got no dhcp problems because the person which got the router under his desk is funktioning like normal i tried like everthing with the ipconfigs like /ip renew /ip reset restart restarts or my range extender router setting an ip manualy i just dont know what to do, do anyone else is experiencing stuff like this or does someone know how to fix this? i even read an vpn will help, it didnt