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  1. I’m really starting to feel like Linus has a spy somewhere in my fuckin house the streaming set up video he posted the other day is 100% my set up . iPhone and coat hanger , and a fifine red mic the iPhone is my old phone so it just specifically my “webcam” But I would definitely recommend this for anyone who has a spare phone lying around or even just their main phone , but like suggested In the video , switching to something else ASAP would be ideal as to it screw up the battery on your main phone the fifine mic is honestly not that bad , the cute little stand that is comes with is cute an all , but it has the ability to be attached to a full desk mounted arm for convenience sake lol the audio quality isn’t all that bad but it’s not the best either lol I don’t know a whole lot about audio so I wouldn’t really be able to give a good review. Because my little brain tactics this is perfect for me and anyone else who dosnt want a lot of hassle . The iPhone makes it a lot easier I haven’t tried android personally but lol me personally I just leave the webcam phones cord plugged in 24/7 makes things a lot easier but my cat just ate my long ass cord so I’ve got to get another lol and keeping it plugged into makes things a lot easier when starting your stream . I just have to tell obs this is the cam where using today and then I’m off the the races.
  2. I’m really starting to feel like Linus has a spy somewhere in my fuckin house 😂 the streaming set up video he posted the other day is 100% my set up . iPhone and coat hanger , and a fifine red mic 😂 the iPhone is my old phone so it just specifically my “webcam” 😂


  3. @jonnyGURU thank you . And I appreciate you taking the time to help . I have replied in a few days cause I feel like absolute death Lol im going to grab some from one of the links you provided .
  4. And what’s the difference between buying those or buying a splitter ? . I would be spilitting off sata or molex
  5. And what’s the difference between buying one of those and buying a splitter ? I would be spilitting off Molex or sata .
  6. Ouhkay that’s easy enough and I understand. Where do I buy those cables though ? @jonnyGURU
  7. @Spotty I thought OCZ was still alive and kicking , that’s another thing that’s my fault for assuming . I also don’t have a multimeter , and didn’t realize in order to check the pin out I needed the psu on . I thought I could just tell by the shape of the little connector thingys , and colour of cords . Again I assumed and made an ass out of me and me again and wouldn’t it still be atleast worth it run both cards together , even if the person isnt playing the latest games , and would also be doing work on the computer as well . I traded a broken iPad for the both of the cards and the bridge , so I figured mys we’ll use them together . There’s got to be some performance over just using one card right ?
  8. Don’t mean to be rude , I just didn’t understand what you were asking , and what I thought you were asking wasn’t important I thought . My bad , I’m sorry . and yes that’s the pin out right there , but I don’t 100% understand it , hence why I sent a picture you guys have reference , and could figure it out and let me know . I don’t want to have to break wires or pop any out of I 100% don’t have to , because I’m building this system for a friend and selling it to him, so not trying to burn his house down . I’m going to be running 2 graphics cards in SLI , that’s the whole point of this build . Amd asus R9 270 , without going and looking at the card I’m guessing it’s 6+2 and 6 , each card. The OCZ is what I have on hand to work worth and could just get replacement or something for it , if not then I will buy a new power supply if I have to . TheOCZ already has 4+4 for cpu which is needed for the motherboard and cpu I am going to be using for the build. @jonnyGURU @GoldenLag @Spotty not reloading the page before posting so I can’t see your comment spotty , but will be reading it
  9. Ouhkay I think your completely missing what I’m asking @jonnyGURU . I don’t need to do the paper clip test , and check if the power supply works . I need physical cords to plug into this freaking ports . Replacement cords . I don’t know how many different ways I can say it . Why would I need to replace the 24pin ? That’s has almost nothing to do with what I’m asking. The cables that plug into the power supply , so I can then plug 6+2 into a graphics card . You know ? @GoldenLag not us , canadian. And shipping is just fucked right now , so I’m buying second hand mostly . And no one has anything for sale . There’s a 350W for sale near me . I tried asking about just a cheep psu that I could use , gave my use case ( 2 graphics cards in SLI ) , no one gave me an answer . So I said Ouhkay this is what I’ve got one hand , but it’s missing the cord that plugs into the gpu , where can I get a replacement cord ? Still not an answer , so Ouhkay , the conclusion I’ve reached is I’m just going to buy a fucking splitter and call it a day.
  10. I’m only trying to spend like 70 bucks . and not trying to sound like a dick but I don’t know I literally just said that lol I don’t know what they look like , cause I don’t have them ? So I sent you a picture of what I do have and what I do know . And am hoping for some help from there sorta thing . All I know is there’s 4 extra ports on the power supply , and those 4 ports are in the picture . The power supply is the computer and the computer is in a hard to access area , I don’t want to pull it out Until I have the stuff to be able to work on it. So instead of struggling to pull the computer out and fight to get a picture with lighting , I took one off google . And all the keywords that I’m using to search , arnt getting me the results I want . Those results being a replacement cord , or atleast knowledge as to what the replacement cord should be . But I can’t find any of that . So that’s why I’ve come here . @Kanna @GoldenLag
  11. Would it be possible to buy replacement cables for the ocz 600W I have ? It’s semi modular and is missing the two 6+2 pins for gpu , and the other two extras I don’t know what they are . @Kanna
  12. @jonnyGURU I was wrong , not thermal take , it’s ocz my bad
  13. Ouhkay understandable . I have a thermal take 600W I believe it was . It’s a semi modular , but I bought it used and it was missing the 6+2 pin for GPU . Where would I buy a replacement for that ? Everywhere I’ve looked just has splitters , or the entire power supply lol I just need to cables to plug into gpu , it’s got a 4+4 for cpu which I can’t remember if it’s needed or not but it’s there lol @Darpyface @Kanna