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  1. Hello Thank you for your response, hopefully the motherboard should be ok. This is the first time taking the motherboard out of it's box since I purchased it nearly a month ago and unfortunately wont be able to test it for another 3 weeks. The marks were present when taking the motherboard out of its box and were not caused by me. I do not think the imperfections are scratches due them seeming to be convex and not concave, they are raised and not flush with the flat side of the PCB. They also do not seem to damage any traces however that is the reason I created this post, to get a second opinion. It seem's to be extremely difficult to get a hold of the distributor right now due to the covid-19 outbreak within the United Kingdom so I will wait for 3 weeks and if there are any issues then I will contact them in order to arrange a replacement unit. Thank you.
  2. Hello I am looking for guidance on how to proceed with these small imperfections on the side of the motherboard PCB. I am not able to test the motherboard and these imperfections do not look like scratches as such however I want to know if there is any possible damage that you can see which would make the motherboard inoperable? Thank you in advance.