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  1. After a lot of wiggling and pressure it finally snapped into place; however now a few holes still remain unaligned. I’ll update y’all on the status once I’ve started screwing the rest in
  2. The preinstalled IO shield on my motherboard won’t properly fit into the cutout on my Corsair 500D SE case. I tried pressuring it a little and now my IO shield has a little thin crack as a result (nothing too bad, just fears me of continuing like that). Consequently, it won’t align properly with the standoff on the case used to make aligning a standard ATX motherboard as mine (Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 7 WiFi) easier; Max three of the 9 holes align up properly as well, and I can’t seem to get it into the right position. The metallic bumps on my IO shield also don’t align with the cutouts on my case, making matters worse. Ive been using my PC after forcing it in since late 2018 like that now (3/9 screws used), yanked on top of a standoff pushing the bottom of my motherboard and now I’m reassembling the whole thing to finally do stuff as I should. However, I really don’t know what to do anymore. I appreciate any help. Here are some pictures that illustrate the problem: