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  1. Thank you very much for taking the time to write your answer !
  2. Hello everybody ! First things first, I'm a new user from Switzerland, currently working to get my Master degree in law and economics. I'm part of a team of students working on a project for a class. We have to analyse whether or not Logitech should enter the smarthomes business and, eventually, how. This project require to go outside, get insights and opinions from users and the different potential stakeholders. As you all know, we are going through an difficult crisis and we all have to stay home. The thing is, our project is not cancelled and we still have to get those insights using different ways to get there. I've been watching Linus content for a long time now, as I'm very interested in tech in general so I hoped you could answer a couple questions or give your opinion. Every kind of answers would be incredibely usefull, even if you don't care at all about smarthomes systems ! 1) Are you interested in smarthomes equipement ? Do you think Logitech has a card to play in that sector ? 2) Would you consider paying for such equipement ? For what kind of product (Lightbulbs, dorbells, security cameras, energy controlling hub, conected soundsystem...) 3) Would you be interested by "bundles" built around particular thematics (Energy saving, security...) ? What if it could reduce your insurance or energy bill ? If you could indicate the country you are from if you answer those questions it would be wonderful ! I hope you all stay healthy and have a nice day, even during those difficults times. Stay strong ! Ludovic Barcellona