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  1. Ok thanks 5x5 if it helps if not i will prob buy a new laptop
  2. I also have really bad FPS at games, to make it playable i have to play on 720p while my laptop is created for 1080p
  3. Is there any way to fix damaged heatpipe? Sorry, I am bad at fixing computers
  4. I used to clean this computer 9 months ago. I seen high performence boost but i have to do it next time? Before it i never did it. What score will i get? Without doing anything on my laptop i have like 54 temp.
  5. Hello, I own laptop Asus GL753VE 2 years. I remember it was getting like 5000 score in 3DMark. But now it's only 1856 which makes games unplayable. I have every type of optimizations in windows. How can i drastically boost performence?