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  1. yeah I partitioned it when I got it before it stopped working. Went looking in the BIOS and couldn't see anything about the NVMe storage being disabled
  2. MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX R5 3600 For months I've had this board and got an M.2 it worked for all about 2 days then never again. I thought it must've been that model (Crucial P1) so I got a higher quality one (WD Black) and tested that also didn't work, but noticed that both were deteced in the BIOS but not in windows. Tirelessly seached and followed what others were trying to no avail. Left it at that for a couple of months and want some more storage so I bought a M.2 to PCIe adapter which also does not work for either of these and I am at wits end with this. Any help would be seriously appreciated.