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    PC gaming, 4K gaming, Console gaming and hardware
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    Ryzen 7 2700
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    Msi x470 gaming plus
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    32 DDR4
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    MSI RTX 2070 Armour 8 GB GDDR6
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    Seasonic 750+ bronze 80 plus certified

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  1. Well i appreciate the wise financial advice and i will def take into account. The only reason am asking is because i dont want to miss out on opportunity at good priced 2080ti . But after discussing it here i have made my decision to wait till the end of the year maybe early next year seems like a better scenario and a better financial decsion and also i was going to sell my card (or maybe the rig as whole and do full upgrade but thats all up in the air)
  2. Yeah i just checked bottleneck calculator. And i see what you my cpu would then be the bottle neck. I would take into consideration before making any decisions.
  3. Well i struggle at 4k in COD for example cause of raytracing like 30 to 40 fps but am no complaining. So 2k is my way to go and thats where i get 80+ FPS am not FPS fanatic but 60 is great haha
  4. Yeah thats where is mind is at right now. I think that would wise to wait since i am actually running doom 4k at a consistent 60 fps (dips when it gets a little crazy) so i think thats fine for now and wait a bit maybe try a few next gen games when they are out
  5. Yeah i am assuming so but i guess the best option is to wait and see. I guess my main issue is if i want to run anything at 4k thats where some games require the 11 gb of RAM which is the main reason i m looking in that card anyways
  6. Yeah thats true i do own it but i feel like since I bought it the super was launched and now the specs of the next gen are out u know i feel dated. And when the new 30 series is out it will be crazy expensive so am just spit balling
  7. Awesome and may i ask what manufacturer you own ? mSi, founders, gigabyte or zotac?
  8. I do haha.... i thought so too but u know buying an expensive card like this is a big decision u know but i just wanted to make sure that am not missing out. My PC will be essentials my microsoft machine and i will get a pS5 just for the exclusives u know but thanks for the reply
  9. Hey thanks for the reply and i see we have the same card already haha. Do you think the next generation will need more than what the 2080ti can handle comfortably?
  10. Hey thanks for the reply and i see we have the same card already haha. Do you think the next generation will need more than what the 2080ti can handle comfortably?
  11. Hey first time here, long time fan of LLT since we are at the midst of a new generation of consoles releasing this holiday season (with some beafy specs i might add). A - whats it the PC GPU equivalent to the xbox series X and PS5? B - all this talk about teraflops, is buying an rtx 2080 ti a right move now or wait till the new gen is released (3080 ti ?)? I am an enthusiast and specs nerd haha. i just upgraded my pc last year to ryzen 2700 and rtx 2070 with 32 ddr4z. I dont want to buy both consoles so i though i would upgrade my pc this year again and buy a PS5 when its out (or when it has good games). appreciate if you guys can give me good advice before i pull the trigger haha