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  1. I have a bit of an update and that when I connect my laptop to the wifi, it seems to work okay which indicates there might be an issue with the iPhone connection. If I turn off the wifi on my phone and use 4G, the issue goes away.
  2. Hi all, Hoping you can help me here with an issue which is driving me mad. My house has been wired to have Cat 5e which is connected to an unmanaged switch. Plugging into one of the network points is a Draytek router. Also plugging into the network is an old Draytek AP700 access point which I can connect to, to access internet etc on my laptop and iPhone. The issue I am having is that when my iPhone is connected to the network and I start to watch a video on, say, Facebook, it starts to play for a few seconds and then buffers and plays a bit more etc and then stops; the same happens when I am looking through photos on Facebook. Youtube is the same too. I have been playing around with my router and set up bandwidth management according to IP address but this did not work either. Yesterday, I purchased an Ubiquiti AP and still the problem exists. It is true that I am doing a large file upload which has been going on for a couple of weeks now but this problem has been ongoing for ages now and it is so frustrating!! Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.