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  1. i did do it, flash utility opened the cap file and it said success and now when i try to boot the pc the pc turns on but the monitor doesnt show a display the light on the monitor turns orange instead of yellow. im not sure if its because of the bios but idk what happened.
  2. the last bios update on the asus website is from october 2019, i think ive already done it back then
  3. im also wondering if while im doing the ddu or install the drivers if the monitor goes black i would have to shut down the pc not knowing if the installation is done and thats going to make the problem worse.
  4. im trying to do a ddu but the problem is happening so fast that i cant download the files and run them fast enough
  5. oh, well i dont have another one, but might take it to the place i got my pc from
  6. how do i 'check the power supply' i removed all the wires going to my mobo and reinstalled them, im not sure what else to do with the psu
  7. do you think i should try updating bios? I haven't done it since i got the pc
  8. i havent touched this bios, all ive done is turn my ram frequency up because its rated at 2666mhz but for some reason it was running at 1000-something. Thanks for the info, its just that all companies are closed till monday so i was trying to see if i could find something before that.
  9. i will have to check the name exactly, but i think its a asus b450m-a prime
  10. Hi Guys, I was doing some internet surfing on my gaming pc when my monitor suddenly turned black and GPU fan speed jumped to 100% and sounded like a jet engine. This is a fairly new gaming pc built about 8 months ago and all the temps were normal. Does anyone have any solutions to this issue? Specs: GTX 1070 Ti i5- 9400F 16GB RAM Thanks in advance