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  1. no problems hope it's okay or I could try to go cheaper and still just as good.
  2. Just realised it’s artifacting. Thanks for the help tho
  3. 980ti is around 1/4 better then the rx 590 so go with the 980ti or save up for something better.
  4. Nope it didn't work but I think it fixed it a little as in it seems faster when logging in. There is the same weird screen tear thing when I log in but its like a weird overlay and goes away when i put something over it or press show desktop. It's going away faster it usually is frozen for a bit.
  5. I will try that now I just wanna make sure everything else I'm doing is done.
  6. Okay awesome just get a case with 240mm radiator support and an equal amount of airflow in and out possibly a little more in. Either get the kraken x52 which will probably get you around 40-50c temps or evga clc 240 which will get around 30-40c
  7. Just the top fans should do also what I said before you might need a 240mm radiator so is there any reason you need your case small?
  8. I completely forgot that it seemed like too much exhaust. You always want a little bit of positive pressure.
  9. I was looking for 120mm also and Arika is right you need at least a 240mm aio.
  10. Ok awesome hope it stays fine or you get a new one.
  11. light streaming would be good with the RTX series. You could get as high as you want like what MartinKweh said.
  12. From the laptop manufacturer HP.
  13. If there are problems like this happening for no reason then if you can try get them to replace it that would be the best option but if they can't replace it and you want to keep the headset try get someone to fix it.
  14. No problem hope you make a choice that makes you satisfied.
  15. Ok. sorry for thinking the cheaper one was okay. Edit: Also it corrupted your OS okay but AMD's driver affected everyone with it.
  16. "How do you undo over a thousand changes and fixes by accident?" When people add new things it can lead to problems if they don't 100% make sure it works. I'm not saying someone is going to accidentally remove something important but add something incomplete.
  17. I wasn't scaring him and since it happened with AMD they could accidentally make another mistake with the drivers. I was warning him about it and that it happened not saying it's happening now so it isn't outdated.
  18. 2060 KO definitely especially after AMD had driver problems and they're close in performance. There is a 2060 KO on evga for a really good price.
  19. Yeah. Here is my thoughts on the new list, motherboard you have is fine shouldn't need to change, case can change if you want but a 850w power supply is too much probably would be fine with 650w gold certified and once you do get to high watts it's better to get gold+ instead of bronze. I have recently been looking into rift s vs valve index and have seen more positive stuff with the valve index but if you don't want to spend too much just get the rift s or save up money. I would get valve index unless they make a better headset.
  20. There is a problem with the oculus quest and linking it to the pc to play the pc games it does have a weird delay so playing on a normal pc vr headset is better.
  21. Were you in game? Also usually that shouldn't happen my friend had a similar problem but with CPU so I am unsure.