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  1. Thanks so much haha. Yeah, I unfortunately opted to buy a premade pc since it was ~the same price as building my own (this was during the bitcoin GPU rush where GTX 1080 prices were absurd). It came with a ton of nonsense software that I left alone for the most part, this is likely one of them then.
  2. Yes I did. So I resolved it in a very strange manner... if someone could explain to me why/how this resolved my issue I'd be super grateful haha. I went to sound control panel, 3 panels of note: -Speakers (7-Nahimic mirroring device) -BenQ GL2760 (NVIDIA High Definition Audio) -Speakers (Realtek(R) Audio) Speakers (Realtek(R) Audio) was already set to my default device although the sound bar beside it would not move. 1. I went to my Speakers (Realtek(R) Audio) >properties>advanced>unchecked "Enable audio enhancement" -This allowed "Test" to actually play sounds from my headphone but I was still receiving no audio from youtube for example 2. I disabled BenQ GL2760 which, even though was not selected as default, was showing a moving sound bar in sound control panel -This resolved nothing really (at face value at least) 3. I enabled then disabled Speakers (7-Nahimic mirroring device) which suddenly made my headphones work again for music/sound etc. Super strange sidenote: my Path of Exile (PoE) game was crashing upon launch with steam also starting today when it was working fine last night. Solving the audio issue apparently solved whatever issue PoE was having too. My new question: wtf is -Speakers (7-Nahimic mirroring device) and why did enabling and disabling it solve my issue when it was disabled to start with?
  3. Hello, I'm not the most tech savvy individual so bear with me and let me know what information I am missing/should provide. Since last night I suddenly have zero audio output no matter what device I hook up to my PC (windows 10 64bit). I have all up to date drivers (Realtek High Definition Audio 6.0.8721.1 & NVIDIA High Definition Audio Looking at the events for my headphones that don't work I do see this: "Device SWD\MMDEVAPI\{}.{56c0918b-8002-4ecc-963b-dc6b19dafb41} was not migrated due to partial or ambiguous match. Last Device Instance Id: SWD\MMDEVAPI\{}.{0e9aac78-348a-4ed2-9c7c-f0cf38602754} Class Guid: {c166523c-fe0c-4a94-a586-f1a80cfbbf3e} Location Path: Migration Rank: 0xF00000000000F120 Present: false Status: 0xC0000719" Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers!