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  1. That answers my question, I will start from scratch and just keep my case and PSU. My end goal for this build is MASS data storage (mostly video) that can be quickly accessed across my network both wireless and wired by PC, MAC, IPad, Apple TV, etc. I currently use VLC but also have Plex and would like to keep using either one, I am not so great on the programming side and why I like these two media apps. I may install a good 4K graphics card and have this unit directly connected to my main TV and act as a media PC, my office is right next to my great room which is where I watch most my stuff. I guess my next question to those of you that have stayed current is what really do I need? I tend to be of the school of buy the best so it will last longer and usually hold up better. But do I need to go crazy on CPU, RAM, MB for what I want this to do? I do not game, but am a movie_tv junkie, I have a MacBook Pro and a separate PC rig for my video editing and actual work I do. Priorities of this rig: 1. Mass Data Storage 64TB of HDD in some RAID config (advice here would be much appreciated as well) 2. Fast Read/Write to the drives from other devices. 3. Media PC - Graphics for 4K video display (video so 120hz at best) 4. Media PC - Great sound running a 9.1 system in great room. 5. Water cooled and as quiet as possible. I will water cool the drives as well, Any advice or products I should consider is greatly appreciated, real excited to get back in this game.
  2. I use to really be into building computers and then I went to Mac (sorry I love my Mac but also love to build things), 15 years later thinking of getting back into it after watching a bunch of LTT YouTube videos, I have an OLD Abit Fatl1ty AN8 Socket 939 MB (Brand New), Thermaltake Chassis, Modular PSU, 8GB DDR PC3200 and a bunch of hard drives. Missing CPU and GPU. I am wondering if it is a crazy idea to use what I have and get the last pieces and turn this into a NAS? I currently have a CineRAID and Raidon and both have been maxed out. I want to make a NAS with 12-16 SATA bays and figured this equipment may be just fine for data storage. I do run a lot of video files from my current NAS on Apple TV’s (typically 1080p/6ch minimum) and that will be its main use. Or start all over with new MB and RAM, because it would be well worth the speed improvement. Like I said I have been out of it a long time so tech has changed so much, my goal is NAS and then a top of the line build PC for my aphid arts work and getting into video editing.