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  1. As I said i pressed the bios flash button on my msi b450 gaming max now wont boot so do I just have to flash it or do I have to return the mobo
  2. memory pmu training error at socket 0 channel 0 dimm 1 is this my ram or motherboard. the mobo wont post with the one that "works"and most of the time it does not post with any of my ram
  3. yeah already bought one just wnted to make sure thanks
  4. cpu is fine and so is the ram both my friend tested them and also my psu is working fine
  5. no debug lights and it no longer post and has most up to date bios
  6. My asrock fatal1ty ab350 gaming k4 may have just died, I was on discord and everything went black and a noise was just blaring but it was after 1 week of trying to get my ram to work and then randomly it posted I check ram works for my friend and the one time it worked for me and my graphics card didn't display anything weird, I also been having problems with this board for a while. (Sorry for the run on I'm on mobile so I forgot)
  7. as i said i bought to fast of ram for my motherboard and was wondering if the msi b450 gaming plus max supports 3600mhz ram because my asrock ab350 k4 fatality does not
  8. I don't have onboarding graphics but I think it's a problem with ram it seems to be in a training thing
  9. I already did that but I will do it again
  10. So I woke up this morning and my pc does not boot. I have a 80+ bronze 750 watt and I took the ram out individually and same thing anyone have any ideas?
  11. ok ill order a new cooler and continue to see what happens
  12. my amd wraith max cooler is not performing as it used to, I started to see this happen last week and i bought new thermal paste (Artic mx-4) and my thermals did improve but barely at idle i am hitting 50 to 70 degrees. I removed my overclock and was still hitting the 45 to 50 degree at idle and this is with the new thermal past. I am using a ryzen 5 3600 and the cpu fan is set to max speed i reseeded the cooler and the mounting brackets multiple times each time cleaning the thermal paste off and applying a new thing of thermal paste to it but nothing changes, did i get bad thermal paste or do i need a new cooler?