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  1. So after troubleshooting my PC for two days. I finally figured out that the reason my PC wouldn't run with 2 sticks of RAM (would with one) is because the Wraith Prism RGB cooler is on too tight. There's a latch that fully clips it in place and keeps it secure which is nice, however it turns out my PC won't run with it in the latched position. Im worried if I don't have it latched, if it being a tiny bit loose could have cooling issues. It's still hooked on both sides as a fan would normally but with a very slight wiggle. I have a be quiet! Shadow Rock LP 130W from my old processor, if anything I think I could just switch to that.
  2. I tried the sticks in a1a2 configuration and it works. One stick of ram (new or old) in b1 or b2 doesn't work. Is that normal?
  3. What if I just return the RAM, get a single stick of 16gb and use one slot?
  4. Yes from 3.0 (my current version) to 5.5 and 5.9 as 5.9 is the version it states that the cpu requires to be "at least".
  5. I didn't see any damage whatsoever. I've installed cpu's before and nothing went wrong in the process and it seems fine
  6. Old specs: PS: Corsair cx650m bronze CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 RAM: T-Force Vulcan 16gb 2400 DDR4 GPU: MSI 2060 Super MOTH: ASRock AB350M Pro4 New: PS: Corsair cx650m bronze CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16gb 3200 DDR4 GPU: MSI 2060 Super MOTH: ASRock AB350M Pro4 I updated my BIOS to the correct version for the 3700x as it states on ASRock's website (5.9) in the correct order and downloaded the AMD Allin1. Put the parts in and it would boot up and then shut down without display and would boot cycle. I switched back to my old processor (1600) and everything works fine with both new sticks of RAM. I then switched it again to the new (3700x). This time I reset the CMOS and still nothing. Finally I removed one of the RAM sticks and I was able to go into the BIOS. The problem I'm having is that with the old processor I can have both new sticks (DDR4 3200) fine, with the new one only one RAM stick works. Both the RAM and CPU are supported by the MOBO from what I saw and I didn't see any damage on the new CPU.