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  1. Warning: this is an extremely petty quality-of-life question. I have multiple devices on my desk, and I like to have the audio from all of them run through my desktop (to easily control relative volume levels) and then out through my speakers or headphones. I have a Surface Laptop connected to a Surface Dock, which runs to the microphone port on the back of my desktop, which is set to be listened to and played back. I have a similar setup for some game consoles. The audio goes to the monitor over HDMI, which I then reroute out the headphone jack into the line-in port on my desktop. I can cycle through the audio outputs with a macro I have, and pretty much every app on my desktop computer respects it immediately. However, the laptop and game consoles don't. I have to switch them manually as shown in the screenshot. While there is an option for using the default playback device, it doesn't seem to work properly.