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    Jordan Heaton 🧙#4631
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    Unreal Engine, Game Dev, Linux, Hardware, Programming, Network Engineering, horsemanship, 60's muscle cars, redheads (just my wife though...) and cowboy boots (because 'Merica!)
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    I started building PCs when I was 13, quickly learned 3d modelling and programming for making video game mods and enjoyed all things nerd until about age 19. Then I went on a spiritual journey (sarcasm) to South Dakota on a wildlife biology internship before college. I got hired by a rancher to be a cowboy and did that for nine years. Met a girl, decided to get married, quit being a cowboy and got a real job and rekindled an interest in all things nerd.
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    Multifaceted Entrepreneur (Software, Construction, IT)


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    Which one?
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    See above answer
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    All the GPUs!!!
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    1947 Silvertone Radio
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    An accumulation of NVMe, SATA SSD and HDDs that amount to about 10 TB
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    Xcel Energy (Look it up)
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    Too many to count
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    Mostly air
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    Mostly the ones with keys
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    Don't use mice, use rats
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    No thanks, I have hearing sensitivity
  • Operating System
    Linux, Windows 10, MacOS Mojave
  • Laptop
    Acer Nitro 5

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  1. Thanks man! I fitted it for use with a full size ATX board using my old Gigabyte AMD Athlon 3200+ motherboard. After finishing fab, I put my micro ATX "Living Room" media center into it. The specs are not very impressive, Core-i7 930ish?, a GTX 660ti and 24 GB DDR3 ram. But my wife can play Assassin's Creed Odyssey on it without issues (low settings). I built it more as a proof of concept. I'm working on another one now. It uses a GE Model 203 for a case. Waiting on a Core i7-6700K, GTX 1060 mini 6GB and 16GB DDR4 ram all stationed on a mini ITX board. I'll add pictures of it when it's done. As for thermals, I haven't measured any yet because I'm using the old AMD Athlon 3200+ fan. My 6 pipe heat sink and fan wouldn't fit under the power supply. I overlooked the fact that the full ATX fan was much smaller. So far the thermals haven't caused any overheating that would result in shutdown. When I get a chance I'll measure them. The good thing is, air is pulled through the front cloth mesh and pushed out the back. I can feel a lot of air coming from the back when I put my hand behind it, and it's never very hot. For the next build I'll be using a 6 pipe and engineering around that for better thermals. This first one was just a proof of concept and to see if anyone would even be interested in something like this. The next one is actually going to be for resale.
  2. I saw a few tube radio PC cases floating around on the web and so I decided to build my own. If this gains traction I'll start building several and selling them.