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  1. I had the game hardlock on me for the first time now (Freezes alt tab etc not working system unresponsive) is this a known issue for the game or what? i havent had this kinda stuff happen on other games? I had to press sign out when entering the "ctrl-alt-del" menu and canceled it. That resolved the lock, but that being said i dont have any graphs of temps etc because all of the software were shutdown during the signout. But in general my cpu run 65c-70c and gpu 70c-78c on max loads. Gpu isnt OCd and well Ryzen does its own thing obviously so there is that. Graphics: Extreme Ray Tracing: Ultra DLSS: Off Shading: 1.0 Hairworks: Off RTX 2070 SUPER R5 3600 16GB RAM at 3200Mhz
  2. On a side note how do i get beta "watermark" etc off my screen in trying to take screenshots and im not seeing an option to turn it off.
  3. Restarted my pc and it downloaded the update had to wait about 20 mins in total dont know if the restart triggered the update but yeah.
  4. no such things showing up for me dang i suppose i might have to wait i saw people reporting delays with the game update coming after joining the beta.
  5. Im looking through there is nothing named RTX or anything.
  6. And where is it ? certainly not in the marketplace.
  7. So i just entered thru the insider app and yes ive got windows 10 (bedrock) version of the game and when i open the game there is no new maps nor the settings for RTX features.
  8. Well i wont vouch for origins fps counter but im getting on avrg 90 fps with RTX on and all settings max. And yeah the card is OCD but still without it would pull way more frames than OPs (just tested 79 fps on avrg with stock) Btw the first map is foliage galore hence the lower frames and yeah we all know snow (i avrg 80fps on those maps) the maps ive been playing are the new pasific ones.
  9. Its a Be Quiet Pure Rock CT and yeah thought about it but then again with the corona and all and the thought of how many people the package comes in contact with on shipping is just eh id rather not until things quiet down. Tbh imma RMA the whole pc its had so many issues the past few weeks (as you can see from my previous posts). I would of been better off just building it myself.
  10. My RTX 2070 SUPER paired with R5 3600 runs 90+ fps 1440p on BFV multiplayer with everything maxed out so yeah there is something wrong. Did you perform a clean install of drivers?
  11. Could be that too but if the change was sudden i doubt its due to that.
  12. Nvidia RTX ofc for Ray Tracing alone almost every upcoming major release will take some sort of the technology.
  13. Im betting my money on the PSU aswell.
  14. Checked yesterday they are in there nicely, but the cpu fan looks a bit "wobbly" more than my old pcs coolers fan.