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  1. The 1600 has worked with every BIOS but i haven't tested the latest one. I just tested and the 3600 and it didn't work (with more than 1 stick of ram) with the other BIOS.
  2. Yes I’ve tried the jumper and pulling the battery. Pulled the battery then got distracted so it was out for an hour.
  3. I haven’t tried the 1600 with this current bios but it worked with a previous bios that supported the 3600 as well but had the same 1 ram stick problem. There is one previous bios I could try I suppose.
  4. Is everything working like it’s suppose to?
  5. I have been running an R5 1600 on an Asrock X370 killer SLI/Ac with 4x4gb 2400 Ballistix sport Ram for a couple of years now and decided to get a 3600. I flashed the latest bios and installed the 3600 but it will only post with 1 stick of ram. Ive tried all 4 sticks in all 4 slots, all the sticks/slots work as long as there is only 1 in at a time. Ive cleared cmos a bunch of times and still nothing. the fans will run and for a few seconds, then everything shuts off and restarts.