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  1. 2x16. Im not 100% if they configured properly only thing ive tried with memory is disabling/running profile1 xmp
  2. All fps monitoring tells me games are running around 80 - 140 but obviously varie depending on demand of the game.
  3. just tried that helped a bit, my aio is no longer as loud, frames in games have gotten slightly smoother but i am still gettting low performance from most games
  4. For past 5 -6 months i have not been able to do much on my system at most i can play low spec games like league of legends, halo reach, overwatch etc. I am not able to play newer games higher spec games i get too frame skipping/stuttering in games and is unplayable in between the frame skipping/stuttering the is mostly smooth and this will happen about 70 - 80% of gameplay. my system is almost 2 years old was sent to get fixed from a blue screen 3 months ago and was returned to me in the current state, i have been slow with getting it looked at and with current covid 19 issues i am current unable to do so. My AIO pump revs up loudly whenever running games. here is a list of fixes i have already tried/looked into. Updating any all drivers, windows. Resetting windows Enabled/Disabled xmp (dont think its ram anyway) , changed ram slots added extra case positioned near cpu, all parts cleaned of dust enough space on both ssd and hdd virus scan/removed suspicious programs lowered all graphic settings in games, changed nvidia control panel settings for performance. My build . CPU: Intel i-7 8700 3.20GHz . Motherboard: ASUS PRIME Z370-A . RAM: Corsair Vengeance 32gb ddr4 . GPU: Inno 3D Geforce GTX 1080Ti 11gb . PSU: Thermaltake 850w . AIO: Cooler Master MASTERLIQUID 240
  5. The xmp was already disabled changed it to profile 1 and still runs slightly better but still frame skips in games and cpu cooler fans speed up and get loud the fps in between frame skips are fine and run quite smoothly otherwise
  6. Its more like 15 -20 fps for the newer higher spec games. the refresh rate is 144hz
  7. True, but most of them do run terribly like csgo, apex legends, modern warfare etc.
  8. I have been having major problems frame skipping and high cpu usage. My build should be more then able to run any game to date, my fps counter (fraps) tells me most games at least run at 70+ fps some going 200+ even though they're clearly running at around 20 - 35 and that's after lowering all graphic settings, the temperatures seem to be fine never going over 45, i dont know what to do, ive also reset windows, ive added an extra case fan, to cool the cpu when running games or google chrome cpu usage sits at 75% - 90% even on low quality games with no background programs running. My build: . CPU: Intel i-7 8700 3.20GHz . Motherboard: ASUS PRIME Z370 . RAM: Corsair Vengeance 32gb ddr4 . GPU: Inno 3D Geforce GTX 1080Ti 11gb . PSU: Thermaltake 850w . CPU Liquid cooling: Cooler Master dual fan Side notes: always takes a while to turn off. Some games and google chrome will make it crash, there is more then enough free disk space. Its kept dust free. Troubleshooting this problem would help so im over sending it to pc repair shops and it still cant run games please help.