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    shadow_ray reacted to Leon Butterill in Help Needed, convert .csv to 3d image/object to open in CAD softwear   
    that looks good thanks, 

    its just a small pice of net, the scan is 1 pass, im looking at stitching a few passe
    s together to form 1 full image, the only way to do this is to export the data as the csv file, and working on stitching the images that way. i was just looking for a way to open it aain hopefully so it looks somthing like the computer image attached. 

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    shadow_ray reacted to Eigenvektor in Im in need of a solution/program   
    The easiest and cheapest solution would probably be something based on a Content Management System (CMS), like WordPress, Typo3, Drupal or Joomla. They are "easy" to customize if you are at least a bit technical and there are tons of plugins. Chances are there are some that already do what you need.
    Just keep in mind that WordPress etc. don't have the best track record in terms of security and plugins pose an additional risk. The "professional" option would be to get some web developer to do it for you.
    If you want to go that route, ideally you have a list of requirements that show as detailed as possible what you do and do not need. Then you can try to contact local web developers and ask them how much it would cost you do get them to implement it for you.
    For example:
    - We need a form that shows the dishes that are available today and their price
    - Customers need to be able to pick one or more items from this list
    - Customers need to be able to place an order for the items they picked
    - Customers need to be able to provide their delivery address and preferred time of delivery
    - We need the ability to easily add or remove dishes that are currently available
    - We need the ability to add photos for each menu item
    - Customers should be able to pay online(?)
    - Orders that are placed need to be communicated to use via email/SMS/notification/…
    Try to make your requirements as clear and detailed as possible, which should increase your chances of getting a realistic estimate.
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    shadow_ray reacted to pd. in Youtube description crawler?   
    Install youtube-dl youtube-dl --skip-download --write-description -v https://www.youtube.com/user/LinusCatTips/videos  
    grep -r "cat" /home/ltt/  
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    shadow_ray reacted to Eigenvektor in How to speed up Blender sequence render   
    Blender is primarily a tool for creating 3D animations/movies. I'd say it's not really the best choice for cutting videos.
    You could try ffmpeg. Some operations can be done without having to re-encode the video, which should be pretty much instant.
    ffmpeg -ss 00:10:00 -to 00:20:00 -i <input> -c copy <output> This should result in a video that starts at the 10 minute mark and ends at the 20 minute mark of the original video. The "copy" option means that the operation is done without re-encoding the video. There's a ton of additional options, e.g. in case you want to re-encode the video with a better codec to reduce its size etc.
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    shadow_ray reacted to Eigenvektor in software for code   
    Well, Java, or more specifically the JDK (Java Development Kit).
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    shadow_ray reacted to guitargirl15 in Computer science/ Coding   
    If you are looking for formal university-level computer science classes, MIT has some of their classes available for free online.
    They have recorded in-class lectures, as well as lecture notes and homework/assignments you can try.
    This course in introductory computer science with Python looks like it might be a good fit.
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    shadow_ray got a reaction from Eigenvektor in software for code   
    According to wikipedia the first stable version was released in dec. 2014, so I'm guessing they switched around that time.
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    shadow_ray got a reaction from Eigenvektor in software for code   
    Android Studio is the def. IDE for  android and it's based on IntelliJ IDEA
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    shadow_ray reacted to straight_stewie in How are CPU instruction set extension compatibilities handled when running an executable?   
    There's a few different strategies. The first, most common, and easiest, is to just not use extensions.

    Another way is to write multiple functions, and control which ones get compiled with some flags. This way, you can compile the same application, but to take advantage of different extensions, or none if they are not available.

    A third way is to be dynamic about it. That is to write a program that checks at runtime what extensions are available, and calls the appropriate function(s).

    A different way is to use a JIT, like the CLR or the JVM. These can decide at runtime how to compile your intermediate code (CIL or Bytecode respectively), into machine instructions.
    @Sakuriru Not always: https://github.com/xoreaxeaxeax/sandsifter is an application that runs "random" opcodes and sees what happens. It has found many cases of undocumented instructions, some of which produce illegal behavior.
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    shadow_ray reacted to WereCatf in How are CPU instruction set extension compatibilities handled when running an executable?   
    Incorrect. The requirement is that the compiler produces a binary using those instructions. The developer doesn't have to specifically use the instructions themselves, they can just enable compiler-flags that'll let the compiler use whichever instructions that'll produce the fastest code.
    Again incorrect. You can produce binary code on any platform you like, like e.g. you can perfectly well compile ARM-binaries on an x86-platform; you're not executing the code when you're compiling it, so it doesn't matter if your platform supports the instructions or not.
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    shadow_ray reacted to DevBlox in How are CPU instruction set extension compatibilities handled when running an executable?   
    Multiple implementations for the same operation and then checking for support at runtime.
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    shadow_ray reacted to givingtnt in Shekeling citizens - security hole with Star citizen servers show odd numbers with backers   
    A con 6 years in the making I tell ya

    But.. Please.. let me dream >.>
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    shadow_ray reacted to straight_stewie in Programming 101   
    Python can sometimes be more of a curse than a blessing for those who are serious about self directed learning.

    It's true that it's an extremely approachable language. It's also true that it's very popular, likely for this reason. It's very "expressive".

    But it's also true that it leaves out all kinds of important things, like explicit (and static) typing, as well as serious support for simple things like encapsulation.
    Not learning those things from the beginning makes them almost impossible to learn later. Remember, it is always acceptable to break rules once you've learned them well, but it's almost always impossible to instate rules once you've gotten used to not having them. 

    "Rules" like static typing systems and actually working encapsulation are absolutely critical to writing serious, provably correct, production quality code.

    Learning Python first, at least in self-directed learning, can really bite one in the ass later in their exploration of space. Programming.

    Which brings me to the next advice:
    Get used to listening to background music. Music without words is of extreme importance when you need to focus.
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    shadow_ray reacted to igormp in Programming 101   
    It is, indeed, but that doesn't matter for someone who is starting. Also, python is multi-paradigm. You can write both functional, OO and/or procedural Python, as an example.
    I rarely ever use is an OO lang because I find that obnoxious. If I wanted OO, I'd be doing java 
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    shadow_ray reacted to vorticalbox in [Javascript] Which checking order is better or does it not really matter?   
    If you store your images in folders using the day number E.G Sunday = 0, Monday =1 then you can reduce the code to something like this.

    const getWallpaperPath = (day, hours) => { return hours < 18 ? `../images/${day}/morning.jpg` : `../images/${day}/evening.jpg` } const now = new Date() // 0 - 7, sunday -> monday const day = now.getDay() // 0 > 23 const hours = now.getHours() // sunday 7 am console.log(getWallpaperPath(0, 7)) // ../images/0/morning.jpg // monday 8 PM console.log(getWallpaperPath(1, 20)) // ../images/1/evening.jpg  
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    shadow_ray reacted to straight_stewie in Some questions about DX12 programming for Windows 7   
    The Flip model was tested out in Windows 7 in a late update to D3DX11. AFAIK the only ancillary requirement to support the flip model in either API is that the Desktop Window Manager supports it (and of course the necessary device driver implementations from GPU vendors )

    Both Windows 7 and Windows 10 use the DWM. Since DWM support is required for the DirectX12 flip model to function, I would go so far as to say that Microsoft was required to update the Windows 7 DWM to support all types of the flip model that DirectX12 supported at that time, since by simple logic those DWM updates are required to get the flip model working. There have been no additions or breaking changes to that portion of the D3DX12 API since it's introduction, so I would venture to guess that Windows 7 supports the flip model as well as Windows 10 does.

    However, I can't find any documentation that even mentions D3DX12 on Windows 7, except for the statements that said that they were adding support for D3DX12 to Windows 7.
    As for the rest of the game, I think it's silly to be worried about:

    REDengine4 also supports PS4, PS5, XBONE, Stadia, <whatever the new Xbox is called>. I would be much more worried about performance hits that arise from console support than I would be from performance hits arising from Windows 7 support.

    But beyond that, I bet there's completely different implementations of low level engine components for each platform, and I'd bet that each of those versions is highly optimized for the specific platform it is aimed at. CDPR is extremely good at developing ground breaking games, if history is anything to go by. I guess you could say that I don't think that we should shoot the horse before we find out if it has a lame leg, which seems to be what we are trying to do here.
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    shadow_ray reacted to S w a t s o n in Github changes branching terminology.   
    Daily reminder that slavery is/was a human problem, not a black/US problem. Black people in the US are not from the only slaves that ever existed and every race has been enslaved. Another daily reminder that this master/slave terminology is used in every country that isn't the US as well, just translated.

    Black people in the US need to stop thinking that literally any mention of the word slave is a racial injustice or somehow related to them in any way. I say this as a person of black heritage, not that being black makes your opinion on slavery as a concept more or less valid.
    I dont really care about Github in particular but if this becomes a trend it's going to get silly really fast. Master/slave is a very accurate way of way denoting that one object controls the second (identical or close enough) object without the second object being able to control the first object or receive instructions from anything other than the first object. We wont be able to just switch over to "main" for most things and what's the replacement word for the slave, backup? that's not gonna work chief
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    shadow_ray reacted to Curious Pineapple in Flat Earth Confirmed - SpaceX ISS Docking sim   
    Damn, now the secret it out, I'll stop getting my wages as a paid shill. Guess I'll have to go shill the vaccines for a while.
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    shadow_ray reacted to straight_stewie in Is it ethical to hack my own network?   
    Theoretically you can't really "hack" your own stuff since you can just put in your password and get to it anyway.

    I guess so long as you respect the privacy of the other people on your private network, and that it is your private network and not a school or residential complex network, then I can't imagine that you'd have any problems.

    Besides that, even if it wasn't legal, who would know: You're hacking yourself. What are you gonna do, call the feds on yourself?
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    shadow_ray reacted to BlueChinchillaEatingDorito in GOD HELP ME   
    Or give some background on what the problem is and what you did so others can learn! 
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    shadow_ray reacted to WatermelonLesson in Newbie programmer - Just wrote first 'real' program   
    Nice! You shouldn't be so embarrassed about struggling with the date, time and dates are just notoriously hard. It doesn't matter the language there are so many standards and stupid exceptions because of things like leap years and time zones that just make it and absolute hassle to handle any kind of date.
    Also, a lot of people don't know this, but you might actually be able to send a text to your phone via e-mail, depending on your cellular service provider. That might save ya some money!
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    shadow_ray reacted to colonel_mortis in My code doesn't work. Help!   
    Moved to programming and removed the second copy.
    You're missing a { at the end of line 59 (as well as what's been said before).
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    shadow_ray reacted to steelo in Newbie programmer - Just wrote first 'real' program   
    So, I watched a youtube video where a person used a raspsberry pi to send a text message to themselves. I thought, wouldnt it be cool to write something that texts me on the day of an appointment. So, I created a free twilio account and followed the script to text my phone...that was the easy part. So, I had to figure out how to input an appointment, but also send a text. I figured the easiest way to do this would be to have 2 separate applications, one to enter an appointment and another to automatically send the reminder if todays date==the date of the appointment. I started with the data entry program, which was more challenging than I imagined. I had to read up on how to write to a text file while creating a new line for every entry. After that was completed, I started on the message sending application. I'm embarassed to admit this but I could not for the life of me figure out why when I compared todays date to the date pulled from the text file, python did not see them as equal...how the heck does 5/29/20 not equal 5/29/20???? I tried converting the 2 variables to a string, different formats, etc with zero luck. After quite a bit of frustration, I determined that the text file had a space before and after the date, making the 2 numbers not match (in the eyes of python) So, I ran a strip() function and voila, it sent the message when it determined that the date matched todays date! Now the cool part (at least to me) - I created a cron job to run the texting program every day at 8am.
    Most of you guys will probably laugh, but this is the first python program I've written that I can actually use! In the past, I kind of lost interest with rpis and python because I couldnt think of how to create something that is useful.
    I can post the code, if anyone is interested...Im sure it looks very amateurish, but may be useful for someone like myself who is interested in stepping into programming. 🙂
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    shadow_ray reacted to vlads_ in Multilingual support? Waking a diaphragm sleep/rest/reset node.   
    Back in the olden days, we used bytes to signify characters (one byte = one character). That means we have 256 characters to work with. Because there exist much more than 256 characters in the world we want to represent, we used different code maps: tables which specify what each byte "means". Generally, the first 128 bytes were the same for all maps, ASCII, but some code maps do not follow this.
    Then, Unicode happened. It initially used 16-bit code points, to represent 65 thousand characters. When those weren't enough, they grew to 24 bits.
    There are a few ways to represent Unicode: UTF-8 (a very nice encoding created by God, I mean, by ken, which is backwards compatible with ASCII, and has some nice properties), UTF-16 (a hacked together encoding. Used as the native encoding of Windows, for some reason), and UTF-32 (which is mainly used internally by programs in certain places).
    Going back to your questions:
    You don't. You don't use character maps at all. They are obsolete.
    There are no obsolete Unicode symbols. If you want to convert from the old character maps to Unicode there are tools such as iconv, or you can write them yourself (an UTF-8 encoder is like 20 lines of code).
    But any correct Unicode file ever written is still valid today.
    If your font does not support a character range, get a font which does (this is probably what your optional updates are doing, but idk). If your program does not use a rendering library which supports modern Unicode features (like right to left) you have to wait for it to get updated.