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  1. we're just adding players until the thing starts to get a few ticks behind. 6 at most. I saw what you were saying, but i'm struggling to find something that won't break the bank on purchase. hopefully ddr3 since I already have some.
  2. I haven't spent a dollar on the system so far, so I'm trying not to drop any big bucks on new parts. a whole new system isn't really in the question
  3. I'm trying to upgrade a dedicated Minecraft server I made from Frankensteining two old ass pcs together. It works great, but it's running on minimum hardware and I'd like to have a small community (about 20 people at once max) able to play, so I'm trying to upgrade it. It currently has an i3 530, 6gb of ddr3 (frequency unknown 1333 max supported), and a TB hard drive (slow as molasses even for an HDD). I was thinking about an i7 860 since that's the max supported chip, but I would have to get a graphics card. I really have two questions. If I get the i7, what card should I get to output to my display that's not too pricy, but also won't choke while displaying? The other question, Should I just go for a weaker processor with integrated graphics? This isn't really the topic but it would be helpful to have some advice: -should I drop the money on an ssd or does it not matter for the server? I'm not using for anything other than the server, so I'm not worried about startup times and stuff like that. -is the ram frequency going to matter that much for a MC server? it would be nice to spend the money on lower frequency ram and save a few bucks.