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    Cloud storage

    Ok update I contacted them turns out I was mistaken for the fee to make an account. So I get that you pay for what you use but I don't know if you have to pay for the data you already have in the cloud to remain in the cloud. I will ask them about that but in the meantime if you use Glacier and know about pls let me know.
  2. Stefmz

    Cloud storage

    Ok thanks! So from these options I find AWS the cheapest and most appealing to me. As I read the price for 100GB per month there is 0.45USD. which is awesome. But does that mean that every month I get 100 GB(so if I fill it up next month I get another 100GB) or 100GB and that's it I pay every moth for keeping those 100 GB? I cannot contact them without an account and I have to pay 1 dollar to sign up which I am not gonna do unless I decide to actually use it so I need that info in order to decide if it's worthy.
  3. Stefmz

    Cloud storage

    Hi! I am kinda having a storage crisis and I need your help. My 1 TB external hard drive is almost full I can't delete anything my computer storage is also full so I can't offload anything to the hard drive. All my free cloud storages are also full including a 100GB one. I need some more permanent solution. Do you know a cloud storage with industrial capacities(I am talking 1 TB storage minimum) which is also either free (without having your account terminated if you don't login) or costs 1 or 2 dollars at most. I can't currently pay more a month because I also pay for Apple Music and I don't have a big budget.I need to store mostly videos but don't tell me Google Photos has unlimited storage because for some reason I cannot upload anything there I start uploading and it finishes uploading all right but then the files are nowhere to be found as if I haven't uploaded them. Even the automatic backup from my phone is buggy and sometimes stuff doesn't get uploaded. So pls tell me some reliable solution to solve my storage crisis because I am really fed up with having no storage.
  4. Hello! So I have recently created a bootable USB for Linux(Live CD) so I can install it to my hard drive(Ubuntu 18.04 to be exact). I am currently booted from it but the thing is I want to completely erase the hard drive before I install Linux to it , not only format it. In short words I want to nuke it before I install so I can start fresh. There is an option in the disks utility of Ubuntu that is called erase and that is selectable when you format a hard drive. Is that what I am looking for? Will that secure erase all data on the hard drive? I have selected it and this is how things look(image below). So do I need to run some command or something else after that or the hard drive will be erased and no traces of data will be left on it?
  5. Oh ok. Well I mean those jpgs don't bother me as much the annoying ads are gone so no problem. If in the future I decide to get rid of them I will set up a proxy as well. Thanks for the clarification!
  6. Hi! So recently I set up a Pi Hole on my Raspberry Pi zero. And there are some ads that I want to blacklist but they are when I follow the link from the ad(I mean the source for it not the site it redirects to) it is actually a jpg. The ad is a jpg image. And if I get the exact url for example"cdn.website.com/image.jpg" and add it to regex blocking since it doesn't allow me to add this type of url to wildcard or exact blocking it doesn't work. All the other ads that I have blacklisted are blocked but this one still remains even if I blacklist the exact url of the jpg image. And if I blacklist not the jpg url itself but the site that it is connected to("cdn.website.com" not "cdn.website.com/image.jpg")well then since the site I am visiting is actually "website.com" blacklisting "cdn.website.com" actually either breaks the functionality of the website or it makes it load as plain HTML(you know only text links no GUI). So can how do I fix that? Can I block these ads without breaking the site or going back in time to the year the GUI didn't exist?
  7. Ok thanks! I might buy one or DIY one out of cardboard or clear plastic myself.
  8. Hello! So I got a Pi hole setup on a Raspberry Pi zero and here is how it looks right now.(image below). So my question is is that setup good? I don't have any heatsinks on it and I don't plan to buy some anytime soon(maybe in the future but not the near future). So without heatsinks should I leave like this without any cover for better cooling(and is it good for it to be left like that) or should I put it in a cardboard case that is sealed up?Or should I put it in a cardboard case but with holes for cooling or the entire top cut off for cooling? What do you think? I also don't know if dust is a problem for it so that's why I am asking as well.