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  1. again me, i reinstalled windows again, unplugged every other Hard drive and it is still happening... I dont know what to do. I wrote ASUS about this now I gotta wait.
  2. sorry for posting on such an old thread but I'm having the same issue, may I ask how you fixed this problem, or if you fixed it at all?
  3. Reinstall with a USB-Stick, but still the same issue.
  4. So I did check the cables, and they were correct. It has been like this for 1 week, and it just started happening out of nowhere. So I decided to reinstall windows today and thought it would fix everything, but it still persists. The crap that ASUS preinstalls on your PC while installing Windows was "On", so i could try and turn that off and give reinstalling another shot ...
  5. Hey Guys, So I have the following problem, if I shut down my PC everything stays on, only the monitors shut down. All the lights are on (MB, GPU, CPU) and every fan is spinning. If I want to completely shutdown the PC I either have to hold the shutdown button on the chassis long enough or plug out the cable. I already disabled fast boot and updated my BIOS, and I freshly installed my Windows. my specs are: MB:ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-F GAMING CPU: Intel i7-9700k RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX(32GB) PSU: Seasonic M12-ii GPU: Nvidia GTX1070 Can you guys help me solve this issue, so i can normally shut down my PC? Thanks!
  6. did you fix this issue, I'm having the same problem.