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  1. Oh my god! didn't see the reply, thank so much, really glad to confirm what it is! PCB measures 23 x 10 cm excluding the metal bracket, its 24.5cm long with that included. The 6-pin connectors start 1 and 3.5cm from the end of the PCB. I'm trying to get hold of some resistors and capacitors so I can fix it but don't know values of them and I'm scared to go probing with my multimeter as last time I killed an old card! Any ideas of resistance and capacitance or are they all completely different? After I get the soldering done I might do some re-balling, the card cost me a tenner so not too worried if nothing works, thanks for the reply, if you have any more information on these components please get back to me!! Regards, stay well
  2. Hi all, Recently, I bought a GTX 570 for fairly cheap on eBay, it's my new "project" GPU, if I fix it I will put it into use in an older budget system or put it in a multi-GPU folding system. Anyway, I wanted to get some info about the card and I can't find any traces of it anywhere, it's a Gainward GTX 570, it's NOT the Golden Sample (GS) or Goes Like Hell (GS-GLH) or Phantom. If anyone has any information on it please contact me. I am well able to solder the missing resistors and capacitors back onto it, the person I got it from said it was great until they were cleaning it an managed to lever off 2 or 3 SMD components. I'd like a nice high res image of the rear PCB or any pictures and schematics etc. so I can see what exactly is missing. Am I looking at a weird GPU or have I missed something obvious? I'll Attach a few images of the card, it looks too short to be a GS version. I looked and there's no documentation on it that I can see. If I can't find any information I will test components that look about right to match and are similar (I think I'll de-solder them first to prevent GPU damage!) and go on any other pictures of the board I can, If not it was only a few quids worth of fun BGA soldering practice and smd soldering practice. Sorry for the thermal paste on the GPU covering its number, I did clean it off afterwards! Things I noticed on front of PCB: -Less memory chips surrounding GPU than the GS, blanked off BGA sockets -Less large MOSFETs than the GS Things about the back: -Different layout to the GS with less spaces for small components. -Shorter than the GS overall. Thanks in advance everyone, sorry for being a time-waster, keep well