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  1. @BlackManINC Yes and yes. I also use process lasso to make sure the predecessor affinity is ok and check my cpu cores. everything works normal
  2. @BlackManINC I play with a 75 hz (2056 x 1080) monitor and the bios are updated. It just makes no scene.
  3. Hi @5x5 and thanks for the quick reply. I tried that and it had no effect on both games .
  4. Hi all. I recently bought a new desktop and i have fps problems while playing some of my favorite games. My specs are: Motherboard: Asus prime X399 - A Graphics card: RTX 2080 ti 11gb Cpu: Threadripper 2970WX (24cores/ 48threads) Ram: 64gb at 2600 ghz Yes i have installed all the latest drivers and bios, Overclocked my cpu and played a bit with the nvidia control panel. Problem: Low fps when playing Arma 3 (15-29fps) and Escape from tarkov (30-45 fps). Note: all the other games are running between 75-120 fps with frame limiters or vsync on!