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  1. Yes, I have reinstalled windows. I have also formatted the drives before so I can rule out malware
  2. Since I have 2 8gb RAMs, is it possbile for both of the stick to be broken, because I have tried booting the PC trying both sticks on their own, so with only 8gigs. Problem still there.
  3. Well it all started with the game, but now the PC crashes about 20 minutes after post, no matter what I try
  4. I have recently run into some problems with my PC, to simplify my problem I will make a bullet-point list in order of events from oldest to newest. PC crashes while playing RUST, screen is off peripherals and PC is still on, Ctrl+Alt+Del doesn't work (the first crash was about 5 months ago) After turning the PC back on I thought it was just a one time thing (had to turn PSU off and back on) Crashes keep coming, hexacode on mother board shows 00, CPU light is on on debug LED Bought new CPU, PC doesn't post anymore Put old CPU back in Replaced motherboard, no more crashes for about 3 days Now, the crashes have returned after playing RUST again (today) Is it possible for RUST to destroy my CPU/motherboard? What should my next step be? I am completely lost and after hundreds of hours of googling and talking to other techy friends I still haven't found a solution. Is there anyone here that can help? Before all this started I had the MSI Titanium X370 mobo, and a AMD ryzen 7 2600x, now I have an MSI B450 Mortar titanium. The replacement CPU I ordered was a AMD Ryzen 5 3600, I know that it needs a BOIS update, but even after using the flash option it didn't post.